Artistic Leadership & O.Koshetz


Irene Chuchman

Irene Chuchman has accompanied the O. Koshetz Choir since 1981, and toured with the choir in South America as well as in Canada. Irene earned an ARCT diploma in piano performance while in high school in Sudbury, Ontario, and graduated with Bachelor of Music (Honours) and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. Upon moving to Winnipeg, she taught junior high school band for many years, and currently teaches elementary school in Winnipeg.








Tetyana Arcand

Tetyana Arcand, a long time choir member, has taken on many roles when appearing with the choir – singer, accompanist, MC and music historian. Falling in love with the piano at age six, she ultimately acquired an ARCT diploma in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music. As a young performer, she appeared in the Winnipeg Music Festival, where she was runner up for the prestigious Aikens Memorial Trophy. Since then, she has accompanied singers and instrumentalists at the Festival, and vows to play until her fingers give out.








John Tanner

John Tanner has been singing with the Olexander Koshetz choir since 1991. When he retired in 2007 he went to music school, and graduated in 2012 with M.Mus. in choral conducting from the Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music at the University of Manitoba. John is honored and delighted to be Assistant Conductor and Accompanist of Koshetz under the superb leadership of Maestra Miroslava Paches. Apart from music, John enjoys the company of his wife, Evie, and their four children and twelve grandchildren.