The Olexander Koshetz Choir, far from being ready for retirement at 65, began a new and exciting chapter under the directorship of Miroslava Paches in 2007. Today, the choir celebrates 65 years of song and friendship, including that of our audiences. The choir's sound still includes the voice of an original member, many long time members, and a stream of new members. Repertoire continues to include sacred music, folk songs and, concert pieces, spanning many centuries.

Many of the choir's devoted followers are well acquainted with the choir's vibrant past, under the directorship of Walter Klymkiw, once a student of Maestro Oleksander Koshetz and Tetiana Koshetz at the storied "kursy." Maestro Oleksander Koshetz and his wife and musical assistant Tetiana visited Winnipeg during the summers of 1941 through 1962, forming the Ukrainian NationalYouth Federation Choir, and eventually giving rise to the community choir we now know today. Under Mr. Klymkiw's leadership, the choir successfully toured South America, Western Europe, as well as major Canadian cities. History was made when the choir first travelled to Ukraine in 1978, while the country was still firmly behind the Iron Curtain. The third tour to Ukraine was undertaken in 1990, while the curtain was unravelling. On the celebratory occasion, wreaths were laid at the site of new Taras Shevchenko monuments, and liturgies were once sung in the great cathedrals of Ukraine.